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Professional Courses

SCA Sensory Skills - FoundationSCA Sensory Skills - Foundation
SCA Roasting - FoundationSCA Roasting - Foundation
SCA Roasting - Foundation Sale price£330.00
SCA Introduction to CoffeeSCA Introduction to Coffee
SCA Introduction to Coffee Sale price£125.00
SCA Roasting - IntermediateSCA Roasting - Intermediate
SCA Roasting - Intermediate Sale price£750.00
SCA Barista Skills - FoundationSCA Barista Skills - Foundation
SCA Barista Skills - IntermediateSCA Barista Skills - Intermediate
SCA Sensory Skills - IntermediateSCA Sensory Skills - Intermediate
SCA Green Coffee - FoundationSCA Green Coffee - Foundation
SCA Roasting - ProfessionalSCA Roasting - Professional
SCA Roasting - Professional Sale price£1,200.00
CQI: Introduction to CQI Cupping
CQI: Learning CQI Flavour Standards
SCA Barista Skills - ProfessionalSCA Barista Skills - Professional
SCA Sensory Skills - Professional
SCA Sensory Skills - Professional Sale priceFrom £450.00
CQI: Understanding Tastes and Flavours
SCA Introduction to Coffee + Roasting Foundation
SCA Introduction to Coffee + Sensory Skills Foundation
Sold outSCA Introduction to Coffee + Barista Skills Foundation