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French Press Brew Guide


  1. There's a golden ratio when it comes to great coffee, which can be scaled up or down as you need. For every 1ltr of water, we add 60g of coffee. So if your french press is enough for 1 x 250ml mug worth, add 15g coffee. If it is big enough for 2 × 250ml, add 30g. You get the idea. For this demo, ours holds 750ml so we're using 45g coffee.
  2. 3:30-4:00 Brew Time


  1. Kettle
  2. Stirrer
  3. Scales
  4. Timer
  5. 2 Spoons

Step by step

French Press

Step 1

Preheat your French Press with boiling water and press down the plunger. Discard boiling water and remove plunger.

Step 2

Place French Press onto scales and tare. Add 45g of ground coffee.

Step 3

Start timer and add your boiling water.

Step 4

Stir the coffee, and leave to brew for approximately 4 minutes.

Step 5

After 4 minutes, skim off any foam from the top and discard. This will give you a cleaner brew and get rid of any bitter flavours.

Step 6

Once the foam is discarded, push down on the plunger gently until it meets the top of the coffee grounds.

Step 7

Leave for another minute or two to allow the grounds to fully settle, removing the probability of sediment in your cup. Pour and enjoy!

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