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Stove Top Brew Guide


  1. Finely ground coffee (ground slightly coarser than for espresso)
  2. Filtered Water


  1. Stove Top
  2. Kettle
  3. Timer

Step by step

Stove Top Recipe

Step 1

Fill your kettle with filtered water and set it to boil.

Step 2

Fill the bottom base with your boiling water, just up to the valve.

Step 3

Fill the basket with the ground coffee and level it out for even extraction.

Step 4

Add basket on top of vour bottom base and screw on the top half.

Step 5

Turn on the heat of your stove, until you see bubbles coming up.

Step 6

Once bubbles start, turn off the heat and allow the coffee to extract. This usually takes around 2:00 minutes.

Step 7

Enjoy. Either straight as an Espresso, or with hot water for an Americano, or frothy milk for a Cappuccino style.

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