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About Us

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We started our journey in 2018 in South-East London. Our aim
and vision were to provide the finest specialty coffee to the busy bees in London.

At Beantale, every coffee bean is like a new chapter in a book. Each one carries its own unique tale of flavour, aroma, and history.
 Rather than seeing coffee as just another drink, we view it as a form of
culture and storytelling. We take you on a journey with every sip, exploring 
the nuances and complexities of our carefully roasted coffees. We aim to take
 you on a journey for your taste palette, unblocking new flavours and
experiences that leave a lasting impression. It’s an intimate sensory adventure
 that will leave you craving for the next chapter.

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Roasting and Education

Apart from roasting we prioritise education
 at the heart of everything we do.

Our roastery is certified by the Specialty Coffee
 Association (SCA), and we offer several certified, and non-certified courses 
for aspiring coffee professionals and to all coffee enthusiasts, to facilitate
 a great learning experience about the world of coffee. Our Trainer, Julian Loayza, is a highly experienced and licensed Q Grader, AST Trainer for
Roasting, Sensory Skills, Green Coffee Skills, Barista Skills and Introduction
 to Coffee.

Our aim is to share knowledge and educate people about the world of
 coffee, and we take pride in the high retention of repeat students who are 
always eager to learn more with us.

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Beantale At Home

Experience the quality of Beantale Coffee from your own home with our range of specialty coffee, freshly roasted at our roastery in South-East London.

Most of our coffee is bought directly from its origin. We believe in cultivating and building relationships with farmers to ensure full traceability of each of our coffees and generating better prices for the people that deserve it most.

Our sourcing process and quality control procedures are thorough – cupping our coffees hundreds of times over to monitor how the coffee fares once travelled and how it continues to fare as we continue to roast.

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