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V60 Brew Guide


  1. 15g Medium Ground Coffee
  2. 250ml Filtered Water
  3. 2:30-3:00 Brew Time


  1. V60 Filter Papers
  2. V60 Decanter
  3. Stirrer
  4. Scales
  5. Timer

Step by step


Step 1

Boil your kettle, ideally to 95-97 degrees. You can achieve this temperature by leaving it for 30 seconds once boiled. Fold along the line of your v60 filter paper, and place into your V60. Rinse with boiling water and discard the water.

Step 2

Place your V60 on top of your mug and fill with 15g medium coarse ground coffee.

Step 3

Place V60 and decanter onto your scales and tare.

Step 4

Start your timer, slowly add 50ml of water aiming for the centre.

Step 5

Agitate your coffee clockwise by using your stirrer. moving forward, backward then side to side.

Step 6

After 30 seconds, continue pouring your water gradually until 250ml is reached. Aim to finish pouring at around 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Step 7

Finally, give your brew a gentle stir 3 times clockwise, your brew should aim to finish between 2:30-3:00.

Step 8

If your brew runs too slow or tastes a little bitter, coarsen up your grind If your brew runs too fast or lacks body, fine up your grind.

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