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Article: Brew V60 Like a Barista

Brew V60 Like a Barista

In this Insta Live our newest team member, and barista hero Alejandro, guides us through two V60 pours and shares some pro barista tips with us!


Spoiler Alert! Watch the video first before reading the results, you've been warned :)

As promised, we tasted the two pour-overs side by side and the results are in:

1st pour (longer pour) had a good body, the black currant and dark chocolate tasting notes really stood out, like a black forest gateau. A really moreish and velvety drinking experience. It's easy to see why this is coffee is so popular at the roastery!

With the 2nd pour (shorter pour) we were a lot more aggressive with the pours and the total brew time came in at a full 1 minute and 20 seconds shorter or faster than the 1st pour. Even though the grind size, coffee dose, water temperature, etc. were all exactly the same, the resulting cup was nowhere near as pleasant to drink: it was a strange combination of sourness resulting from classic under extraction and a slightly unpleasant bitter aftertaste.

Thanks to everyone who joined us today! I, for one, will be paying a lot more attention to my pours at home from now on! Just DM us on instagram with any questions, and check out our the training section on our website for all your coffee and coffee training needs.



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