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Article: New Compostable Coffee Pods, Bursting with Flavour

New Compostable Coffee Pods, Bursting with Flavour

Introducing our new compostable pods, bursting with flavour! We are excited to finally being able to announce something that we've been working on for the past several months. If coffee pods are your preference at home, you can now enjoy 39 Steps Coffee with our new compostable pods!


This is something that our customers have been asking for, and we listened, but for us the 39 Steps Coffee pods couldn't be just any ordinary pod, it needed to be right. We didn't want to compromise on flavour, nor to our commitment to speciality coffee or the environment. It has been quite the journey: we searched high and low and did many sample tests with a number of different manufacturers until we found the one that would make it possible to retain our coffee's amazing flavours. After a lot of testing and tasting (that was quite something!), we found a pod material that was compostable and allowed us to respect the coffee flavour within. We felt the industrially compostable pods were the right choice for us and with its biodegradable seal paper, you won’t find any aluminium in our pods. Instead, the biomaterial in our pods is based mainly on renewable raw materials. The pods are also climate-neutral since renewable raw materials and energy — from wind, sun, hydropower, and biogas — are used in their production and offset greenhouse gas emissions.

We insisted on roasting the coffee ourselves at our London roastery, and when the pods finally came to us we were really happy with the end result and how this iteration of our house blend turned out - a smooth and creamy espresso with subtle hints of chocolate, biscuit and peach. Great as an espresso shot by itself, or delicious when paired with milk - a crowd-pleaser that's ready at the push of a button!

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