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Tres Pioneros, Colombia - Decaf

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Product Description:
Great specialty coffee can be found in several areas throughout Colombia, but Huila has become a significant contender among them when it comes to Colombian filter coffee.

Our Tres Pioneros Colombian decaf coffee is another delicious coffee blend that is bursting with notes of velvety chocolate and lime from Azahar's. Which is another pioneering partner, producing coffee in southern Huila.

The Story:
This Colombian coffee utilises a washed process before decaffeination, which is solvent base, using ethyl-acetate. It is derived from a mix of acetic acid (vinegar) and a natural extract distilled from sugar cane, blackberries, beets or sometimes grapes.

A direct-solvent process is used, meaning that the beans are steamed to open their pores and are then rinsed in ethyl acetate repeatedly to remove the caffeine. Next, the beans are dried but not wholly. 10-12% humidity remains, and then the open bean is sealed with natural wax that in no way affects the specialty coffee's flavour, fragrance or aroma.

The Beans:
Producer: Sr. Pedro Echavarria
Variety: Caturra
Process Method: Extended Fermentation - Washed

The Farm:
Country: Colombia
Region: Colombia
Altitude: 1650 MASL
Harvest: September-December

Recipe/Brew Guide:
Dose: 18g
Time: 32 Seconds
Yield: 32g

Tres Pioneros, Colombia - Decaf
Tres Pioneros, Colombia - Decaf Sale price£10.50