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Musozi-Mugonero, Rwanda

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Product Description:

Introducing the latest addition to our coffee collection sourced from Rwanda. This single-origin, fully washed coffee hails from the Musozi-Mugonero region, bursting vibrant notes of juicy peach, zesty orange, and sweet brown sugar. Don't miss your change to experience this exceptional brew.

When you drink a cup of coffee, do you ever take a second to notice the notes at play? Here at beantale, we are all about honing in on those flavour profiles and bringing the aromatic tastes of coffees from all around the world, to your home.

The Story:

This farm is a family run business owned and operated by Mukantwaza Laetitia and Rutaganda Gaston, who have been in the coffee sector for 13+ years. They founded Rwamatamu in 2015 aiming for a financial gain but also contribute to fight against poverty in rural communities through harvesting coffee.

Rwamatamu Coffee Ltd has 20 hectares of coffee plantation from where it harvests its own cherries but also purchases cherries from affiliate co-operatives and local producer families and smallholder farmers. These cherries from different sources are separately collected, processed, sundried, sorted bagged and eventually exported as a premium product.

Rwamatamu’s Coffee has been sold not only in the USA but also in Sweden. Rwamatamu coffee ltd also participated and was greatly qualified in « Cup Of Excellence » coffee competition.

The farm is positioned on 1600 up to 2000 meters altitude, on a rich volcanoes soil. The harvest season is January to March.

Coffee from Rwamatamu is fully washed with spring water, sun dried and handpicked to a high standard. Currently they are in the process of gaining their organic and fair-trade certifications. They work to have a positive social and economic impact on farmer communities, focusing on women in particular.


Rwamatamu work together with cooperatives of coffee farmers who live in the area. 80% of their employees are women. Their goal is to build healthy relationships with the community based on common values and goals. This is done by committing to a regular purchase of beans and investing in the growth of employees. They also commit to a set standard of quality each year.

The Beans:

Producer: Rwamatamu Coffee
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process Method: Fully Washed

The Farm:
Country: Rwanda
Region: Western Nyamashale Kivu,
Altitude: 1800-2000 MASL

Recipe/Brew Guide:

Pour-Over Filter
Dose: 15g
Time: 3:00 Minutes
Yield: 250ml

Musozi-Mugonero, Rwanda
Musozi-Mugonero, Rwanda Sale price£12.95