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Capoeirinha, Brazil - Espresso

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Our Star Espresso! This Pulped Natural coffee, is made exclusively from ripe cherries that are washed, pulped and dried in the sun. Such a specific process, provides a creamy and velvety body with a distinctive nutty, caramel and milk chocolate notes. It is best suited for making espresso based drinks.



The Beans:

Producer: Ipanema Coffees
Variety: Various
Process Method: Pulped Natural

The Farm: Conquista + Capoerinha
Country: Brazil
Region: Alfenas, South of Mina
Altitude: 1000 MASL

Recipe/Brew Guide:
Dose: 18g
Brew Time: 30 Seconds
Brew Yield: 40g

Capoeirinha, Brazil - Espresso
Capoeirinha, Brazil - Espresso Sale price£9.00