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Article: How Can You Tell The Difference Between Standard and Premium Coffee?

Premium Coffee

How Can You Tell The Difference Between Standard and Premium Coffee?

For busy commuters, the perfect cup of coffee can brighten their early mornings and make the start of their day that little bit better. So, it is only fitting  to want the best coffee in London, in fact, we deserve it. That is why at 39 Steps Coffee we pride ourselves on our quality beans and the delicious coffee they make.

Our aim is to be the best coffee roasters in London, whether you are one of our regulars or you pop in when you are in town. In this article you will find the top three differences to what makes your average cup of coffee, and what makes your premium smooth, nuanced cup of coffee.

What Is Considered Premium Coffee?

Whether you are a religious coffee drinker  or you only treat yourself to  them on occasion, you will want a nuanced premium coffee that tastes divine, with or without milk and sugar.

The coffee bean is versatile and amazing, being able to produce many different nuanced flavours.

The quality and origin of the coffee beans as well as if they are ground or whole have a massive impact on the taste and flavour.


The Different Types of Coffee Bean

Great tasting coffee starts at the source, which is the coffee bean! You can invest in the best coffee machines, but you won’t get smooth, silky coffee without the right bean. Coffee is the most important part of…coffee! Who knew?!

The type of bean used is a major factor in what makes coffee premium. There are two main types of coffee beans which are Robusta and Arabica.

  1. Robusta Coffee Beans

The Robusta bean is the cheaper option to grow and purchase and they tend to have higher crop yields than Arabica beans. This type of coffee is what you will more than likely find in your supermarket due to its cost prices.

However, the Robusta beans tend to taste bitter and have nearly double the amount of caffeine. Robusta beans on a scale would be near the low end due to their low quality but then this makes them competitive from a cost price perspective.

  1. Arabica Coffee Beans

The Arabica bean tends to be more of a challenge to grow and cultivate for a few reasons but the main one is that they have a low resilience when it comes to pests.  This can have a knock-on effect in terms of quantity and then affecting the price.

Also, in comparison to the Robusta bean, Arabica beans tend to be less intense and contain a lot less caffeine, with smooth and subtle flavours.

The Arabica bean is held in high regard within the coffee community and is highly favoured over many others, due to its smooth flavour. You can find Arabica beans in the supermarket, there are just fewer to choose from.

One thing is for certain, if you want a smooth cup of coffee then go for the Arabica beans and not only that, but you will also be able to distinguish the different coffee from different regions.

Ground Coffee Or Whole Bean

Coffee comes in different forms, all originating from the coffee bean itself. But you can purchase it as a bean or ground, which is more common in supermarkets, as your instant coffee alternative. When it comes to pre-ground coffee, it tends to lose its flavour quite quickly, so you don’t get the full nuanced taste and you have to use it quite quickly.

If you lean more towards coffee beans then you will need the equipment to go with this, like a grinder. However, whole bean coffee will keep its flavour and lovely taste for a lot longer due to it being kept in its form until you choose to drink it.

Also, when it comes to creating the perfect cup of coffee, buying your beans directly from a roaster like 39 Steps Coffee will give you access to the freshest coffee available. There is no comparison to what you buy in the supermarkets. You can’t beat fresh coffee beans.

How It Is Roasted

How and when the coffee beans are roasted massively impacts their quality and taste. How the same bean is roasted can make them taste completely different, whether they are roasted at a light level, medium or dark roast level.

Also, when the coffee beans are roasted will affect the flavours and how they taste. Once the beans have been roasted the flavours quickly change and most coffees are at their optimum/ peak flavour between four to seven days after they have been roasted,

These are things to consider when choosing which coffee you are going to buy and equally where you are going to buy it from. At 39 Steps Coffee the coffee is roasted by us ready for you to buy and have the freshest coffee every day.

Where To Get The Best Coffee In London

The best place to get a premium cup of coffee in London is…. you guessed it, at 39 Steps Coffee! Head on over to one of our locations or order online, so you never have to go a day without a delicious cup of coffee.

Life is too short to not drink good, quality coffee.

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