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Article: 3 Quirky Gifts For Coffee Lovers

3 Quirky Gifts For Coffee Lovers

3 Quirky Gifts For Coffee Lovers

When it comes to choosing gifts this holiday season, it can be tricky to source new and exciting presents that not only bring delight but an element of surprise. When it comes to  coffee lovers constantly seeking out the perfect cup of coffee and flavours to suit, we have the gifts for you.

Here at 39 Steps Coffee being coffee experts for some time and offering professional barista courses alongside selling our loveable coffee, we know a thing or two about what makes the perfect cup of coffee. So we’re here to share our top three picks for quirky coffee gifts, to treat and surprise coffee lovers this holiday season.


Level Up The Equipment With a V60 or AeroPress


For at home coffee, a great flavoursome cup of coffee doesn’t always need a fancy coffee machine. With equipment like the Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker it allows for convenient, easy to clean, easy to use, ground coffee, pressed directly into your cup for a fresh coffee every time. With a price of £30 it’s an affordable gift and a great way to introduce barista style coffee to your everyday. The compact and convenient style is easy to take anywhere and will guarantee a perfect cup of coffee wherever you are.  

All you need to do is place an AeroPress Filter into the mesh, twist it to the body, place over a mug and drop in your fresh ground coffee. Opting for 15g of medium ground coffee (slightly finer than V60) andadd hot water and take the other attachment and press down. Then push the water and coffee through the filter at the bottom until the water runs out and you hear a hiss. After the hiss simply untwist the mesh where the filter is and push down again until it goes all the way, and knock into a bin. Rinse and you have no mess and a delicious coffee. For a full guide on all things equipment and the brewing time go to our brewing guide on our website for an in-depth method. 

quirky coffee gift

Hario V60 Coffee Dripper 

Another great solution to delicious barista style coffee is the V60 Coffee Dripper, available in plastic or ceramic. Simply add a Hario V60 paper filter in the V shape, add in your ground coffee from your 39 Steps Coffee beans. Pour in hot water (not boiled), if using a kettle allow for the water to slightly cool or add a little cold water to achieve a more fruity flavoursome brew and achieve a perfectly balanced cup of coffee. Again, all information for brewing guides is on our website as well as what coffee to opt for depending on which flavour you're after. 


Compostable Nespresso Pods

Plastic coffee pods taking as much as 500 years to decompose and those plastic pods that make up your daily coffees, end up in landfill. On average 29,000 coffee pods end up in landfill every minute. A solution is needed to address this! Therefore here at 39 Steps we believe in providing everyone that perfect cup without adding to the problem. 

That is why we’ve made compostable coffee pods with our Mina House Blend Coffee. They are made up of a blend of 50% colombian beans and 50% brazilian beans, providing that sweet and satisfactory cup of coffee. With notes of marzipan, dark chocolate and peach it’s bound to impress even the connoisseur coffee friend. These Nespresso® compatible pods are on offer in a range of boxes, a perfect quirky gift to please any coffee lover. They’re available in a box of 10,30,50 and 100. 

compostable coffee pods gifts

Give The Gift Of Endless Coffee to Your Door 

We know how annoying it is when you're craving that early morning coffee and you've run out. So this Christmas, why not give the gift of a Coffee Subscription. Whether you want to treat yourself or a loved one, you can choose from our coffee blends and flavours from numerous countries and have it delivered straight to you when you want it. With no minimum term, have your blend delivered how much and frequently you want it. Whether you wanted our House Mina Blend as ground coffee, beans or coffee pods or even our decaf option of our Colombian Tres Pioneros Coffee.

Unsure what coffee blend to start with? Opt for a seasonal coffee experience with our Roasters Selection Subscription. Fine tuning your coffee delivery to our top recommendations, with our seasonal blends. It’s a great way to explore the best single origin roasts picked by our roasters team for you to enjoy. 

Sign-up for a coffee subscription and get fun coffee rewards along your coffee journey! With subscriptions at 3 months offering a free 30 min online coffee brewing workshop, as well as 6 offering a free v60 and filters alongside a free Hario hand grinder at 12.  The ideal for any coffee lover this christmas! 

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