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Microlot 2145, Burundi

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Product Description:
Our Microlot 2145 Burundi coffee is a sweet, single-origin filter-roasted coffee from the Kayanza province. This specialty coffee is bursting with delicious flavours of Citrus, Cinnamon and Cane Sugar.

The Story:
When you drink a cup of coffee, do you ever take a second to notice the notes at play? Here at beantale, we are all about honing in on those flavour profiles and bringing the aromatic tastes of coffees from all around the world, to your home.

The taste of our roasted beans often gets likened to Rwandan coffee. We use Burundi coffee, which with its citrusy and sweet notes, is regularly compared. The Kayanxa region, where we source our beans from, not only shares a border with Rwanda but also, it’s full-bodied and rich taste when it comes to coffee.

The Beans:

Producer: Various
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process Method: Washed

The Farm:
Country: Burundi
Region: Kayanza
Altitude: 1800-1900 MASL

Recipe/Brew Guide:

Pour-Over Filter
Dose: 15g
Time: 3:00 Minutes
Yield: 250ml

Microlot 2145, Burundi
Microlot 2145, Burundi Sale price£9.50